Game design

April 4, 2018

During winter 2017, I created a mini-game called Traine-Os with 2 friends. This game development took about 30 hours in 6 weeks. With my team, we first made a quick game design document with the rules, the gameplay mechanics and all the assets we needed to make the game.

Game purpose: the player controls a moose on a sled and has to go down on a ski slope while trying to hit a maximum of skiers to score points.

Our Hero !

But he has to avoid obstacles (pylons, rocks, and trees) to keep his 5 life points. To do that, he’s helped by 4 power-ups along his way  :

The 4 power-ups
With the saw

I was responsible for the team coordination. I also did the terrain and the map and some environment props like the edging nets with a spline tool, the pines or the rocks.

Terrain generated by a height map, then sculpted in Unreal Engine

But my main task was to integrate all the assets in Unreal Engine and to program and craft the various gameplay systems anmechanics inside thgame with Blueprints, accordingly to the game design document.

BP to boost the speed of the sled
BP to add the saw
BP to score points when the player hits a skier

Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to add a good IA to the skiers, so they remain static on the ski slope.




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