April 5, 2018

I did several tests with photogrammetry. The first one was at school. I scanned a shoe just to understand how Agisoft Photoscan worked. There was no particular work on topology or texture.

My second attempt was with something much bigger, just to know if there was a limit of what you could scan. So I decided to scan an old basilica in Aime, Savoie, France.

For the process, I used the advices I found in this tutorial by Sébastien Van Elverdinghe. But for the roof, I wanted to try something new so I used a drone to take some additional pictures. I didn’t had the time to capture the whole roof though. Again, no retopology or any other kind of technical step.

One of my last attempt was to scan trees. For these, I decided to go further in the process. With the help of the tutorial mentioned before and this video,  I cleaned the mesh, filled the holes in Zbrush, I did a very quick retopology and I transfered the textures of the high poly to the low poly with Photoscan.


I finally used the scanned trees in a quick scene with a japanese buddhist statue, a Jizô, that i did before.

The next steps will be to repeat the process in order to understand it fully, and to try other kinds of 3D scan, like the one explained here by Dave Riganelli, or the one explained here by Allegorithmic.

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